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ACNE: Causes, Prevention & Treatment

Updated: Feb 15

image shows girl with smooth acne free skin
ance treatment for blemish free skin

Whether mild or severe, acne effects everyone at some stage in life. Pimples and Acne are more than just and inconvienience and embarrasement for some people they can be uncomfortable and painful, effect confidence, self-image and self-esteem. In some people it may also cause long term scarring. There are various causes for acne however there are also several types of treatment options, so whilst it is natural and common it doesn't mean you have to live with it!

Adolescent and young adults are more susceptable to acne however it can affect adults too. The most common areas affected are the face, forehead, chest, shoulders and upper back. Closed comedones aka. whiteheads are most frequently observed then there are also blackheads, papules, pustules, nodules, cysts and milia. To effectively treat these it is ideal to have this looked at by a medical professional to identify the acne to ensure you have the most affective treatment and noticable improvement.


Acne occurs when pores and hair follicles become blocked by Excess Oil or Sebum Production, Bacteria or Dead Skin Cells, causing pimples and inflammation.

There may be a combination of factors which can contribute to the causes of severe acne. The most common are thought to be: Hormones, Genetic Factors, Pollution, Smoking, Stress and Anxiety and the contraversial topic of Diet (*some reasearch has linked milk and whey protein with acne, as well as a correlation with a diet with a higher intake of high-fat foods, sugary foods and beverages with a higher incidence of acne).


Whilst there are many causes of Acne some common at home prevention methods include washing your skin morning and night and ensuring you remove your makeup each night, ensure you change your bedding and pillowcases frequently, and avoid frequently touching your face.

Client Results

Before and image of girl who has under gone treatment for acne. Left image shows before treatment of acne affecting side of face including cheeks , jaw and chin and right side shows image of girls face after treatment with clear blemish free smooth skin.
before and after microneedling acne treatment

Results acheived with 3 sessions of Genius-RF Microneedling.

*Please note each treatment is customised to suit the indivdual. Treatments, results and timeframes will vary from person to person.


Treat Acne scarring and flare ups as well as the following:

Cystic Acne

Active inflamatory Acne

Jaw-line Acne

Hormonal Acne

Adolescent & Adult Acne

Medication can affectively treat acne and may be used alongside treatments, however there are also natural skin treatments that can effectively combat acne with lasting results. These natural alternatives can be suitable for adolescents to reduce and remove acne, help build confidence and self image without the need for medication.

Our Brisbane clinic is able to offer the following treatments as well as combination with medicines if required.

  • Healite-II LED Light Therapy - $70 / T

  • Pico-Plus Laser treatment - $550 / T

  • Genius-RF Microneedling - $850 / T

  • Tailored treatment plans specific to each individual

For further review of the treatments, please click below!

Potential Risks

A full list of precautions and contraindications in relation to your specific treatments will be discussed at your consultation.

During your initial consultation Dr Walid Al-Bermani can analysis and design a custom treatment plan for your skin concerns.


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