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Premier Anti-wrinkle Treatments in Brisbane

If you have been looking for a local Brisbane-based leader in anti-wrinkle injections, Beautiphi’s cosmetic medical professionals are the team for you.


Qualified, professional, and highly experienced in delivering targeted treatments to every one of our clients, Dr. Walid is dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness and aesthetic goals.


For patients who are new to the industry, the Beautiphi team has summarised the good-to-know basics about injectable treatments, their benefits, and how to decide which service is right for you. Read on to learn more about the anti-wrinkle services that we offer.

The basics of anti-wrinkle injections

Anti-wrinkle injections are highly targeted, minimally invasive injections that help relax the muscles in areas common to the jaw, mouth and forehead. Made from a diluted natural protein that is found in the body, the injections block muscular contractions in the treated area. The result? It reduces the appearance and further development of wrinkles, crows feet, laugh lines and creases.


With results expected to last 4-6 months, more and more people are turning to this efficient, painless and highly effective procedure to treat everything from fine lines to tight jaw muscles. Some of the common pre- and post-care recommendations to consider include:

  • Pre-treatment: Please speak with a qualified medical professional before pursuing any cosmetic treatments. If you have questions about medications, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or existing medical conditions, our team can advise if the treatments are a viable option for you at this time.

  • Aftercare: We always recommend avoiding prolonged pressure on the face for at least 24 hours post-treatment. This includes the need to sleep on your side or back for at least one night and foregoing a massage for at least one day.


Regardless of your reasons for wanting to pursue medi-cosmetic treatments, Beautiphi can offer you a personalised consultation to ensure we help you achieve your individual goals.

Our anti-wrinkle injection services can help you achieve your aesthetic goals

Beautiphi exists to provide our patients with high quality Cosmetic Medical treatments with excellent pre- and post-care treatment options and education. We work closely alongside our clients to target their key areas of concern with simple but effective treatments. Rest assured, we’ll have you in, out, and back on your feet in no time – with beautiful glowing skin to be proud of.

Are you ready to put your best face forward? Speak with our experienced team about booking a consultation, receiving customised recommendations, and learning more about each Beautiphi service. Want to book online? You can navigate our online portal to get the same great customer experience today.

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