Beautiphi Medical & Cosmetics provides a wide range of health care services. It incorporates Medical, Cosmetics and a vast range of Allied health professionals that provide world class medical and allied health services in the primary setting.


Our holistic service addresses all bases of the general well-being and health of a patient, with the methodological approach of the ‘physio-psycho-social’ model. A service that provides more than just the necessary medical and allied health needs, but rather a complete and comprehensive wellness package that covers all aspects of a patient’s health.


We impart a service that allows patients greater access to treatments for everyday ailments than ever before. We are patient centered with hours that fit around a busy lifestyle, offering appointments early in the morning, afternoons, evening and on weekends.


Our aim is to offer our patients easy access to our primary healthcare services, whilst upholding and delivering the highest clinical and ethical standards as determined by AHPRA, the Royal College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and the different allied health boards of Australia.


Our team educates and empowers patients to make better health care decisions and enforcing our commitment to the patient and their family that their healthcare is our number one priority.